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"Wide open until you see God, then brake"



John Gardner

I developed a love for cars and racing at a very young age. I purchased my first car at the age of 15 (see TransAm on this page) and immediately began making custom upgrades and running the car at Muncie Dragway. The car is currently being used as a research and development car for HDPE.  It will soon be outfitted with a HDPE twin turbo LS engine using a block from ERL Performance.


I also work as an engine builder on Paul Romine's Man O' War Nitro Funny car team. I have worked on the team for the last two years.


My decision to start this business was based on my love for engines, racing, the people involved in racing, and my desire to make advances in the racing industry.  When you order an engine from HDPE, you don't simply get off the shelf parts that I assemble for you.  You get an engine that is custom designed to fit your application.


Don't have time to wait for a custom built engine?  Don't worry!  Check out the "Engines for Sale" tab.  From time to time I have pre built engines that may fit your needs.



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