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ERL Performance's Superdeck Sleeve System For Factory LS And LT Blocks

The LS series engines from GM have been one of the most popular platforms for racing engines since their introduction to the automotive world.  From street cars to flat out race cars, some of the fastest cars on the planet use the LS platform.  Most of the cars at the top however are not just using a stock GM block.  Most of them are using an aftermarket block that has a few modifications to allow the engine to survive while pushing the horsepower limits of the LS platform.  


The problem with these blocks is they are extremely expensive and most of them still require extensive machining after they are purchased.  This makes these blocks unaffordable for most racers.  Thats where ERL Performance comes in.  They will modify the stock GM LS and LT blocks so they can handle the big power that the aftermarket blocks can handle.  Some of ERL's blocks can handle up to 2600 Horsepower!  The best part?  These blocks come fully machined for about the same price it would cost to buy one of the aftermarket blocks BEFORE machining.   

A machined ERL block with trusses and six bolt brackets welded on.

ERL finishes off the superdeck system with billet main caps and ARP main and head studs.  There are also many other options such as bushed lifter bores and a stud girdle that ERL offers for an additional price.  


The final ERL block comes fully machined and ready to handle over 2000 horspower.

An LS2 with ERL's 6 bolt Superdeck system.

Now let's take a look at how ERL modifies these blocks to handle all that horsepower.  ERL starts by checking the block to be sure that it is a usable core.  Once it is determined that the block is a good core, ERL removes the stock sleeves and machines the block to prepare it for the support trusses and new sleeves.  ERL also has an option to add provisions for six bolt heads for even more clamping force.  


The trusses run between the inside and the outside wall of the block in between each cylinder. They add extra support to the block so it can handle the increased torque that is transmitted through the block.  The sleeves that ERL uses are also much thicker than the stock sleeves and can handle much more horsepower.  In addition, the sleeves are longer than stock to provide more support to the piston skirt on big stroke engines.

Cutaway showing the stock sleeve on the left compared to the ERL sleeve on the right.  As you can see the ERL sleeve is longer and thicker.

Call us or click here to order your ERL block or to have your custom HDPE engine built with an ERL block

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